A Science Fiction Fanzine from Eric Lindsay

Rambling writings, mostly reviewing written science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, and travel relating to these, together with letters from readers, and some diary notes. I write it for my friends, some of whom I've never met. If you don't enjoy fanzines, too bad, but I didn't write it for you.


List of book reviews.
Jan 1987, full time work, reviews.
March 1988, Hubbard book publicity launch, new job, recliner chairs, buy PC AT clone (and run Unix), reviews and letters.
May 1988, get rid of drivers licences, Kinkon 3 convention Melbourne, reviews, letters.
June 1988, backyard cleanup, trying to buy PC clones at UTS despite Purchasing department, more about our PC clones, reviews, letters.
February 1990, reviewing 1988 issues, Impact fails, Jean goes freelance, insuring computers, stuff from internet, Jean buying a home at Ryde, university and how government hobbles us, school politics, Applix fanzines and manuals, reviews, letters.
August 1990, Conjunction convention in Melbourne, Danse Macabre in Melbourne, copier problems, networking at work, cleanup at home, reviews, locs.
December 1990, Jean's parents visit, holiday in North Queensland, Townsville, Cairns, Mossman, Atherton Tableland. Windows at work, reviews, letters.
Geg 60, 61, 62
These issues are missing, original production unknown.
April 1992, USA trip report January 1992, Hardwired Confusion in Detroit, Scott and Jane Denis Rubicon in Lexington Kentucky, letters, books bought, gadget watch.
May 1992, Syncon 92 Easter in Sydney, USA trip report continued, Orlando, Boskone convention report, book reviews, letters.
October 1992, DUFF, Australian Worldcon bids, article Photographic Memory by John Berry, day convention at Powerhouse Museum Sydney with Joe Haldeman and local artists, book reviews, letters.
November 1992, Design for the Real World, Steady Eddy, USA trip report part 3, Chicago convention, Mpls visit, Corflu Los Angeles convention, LASFS meeting, reviews, letters.
March 1993, household excesses and renovations, work at the university, good old days, music downgrades, fanzine postage costs, reviews, letters.
September 1993. Gadgets in built, Swancon in WA at Easter, DUFF visit by Dick and Lean Smith, New Zealand convention trip, reviews, letters.
February 1994, bad year at work, Swancon, DUFF winners Dick and Leah Smith here, trip to Brisbane with Jean looking for work, ANZAPA Con in Melbourne, work and renovations there, reviews, letters.
May 1994, Planning to attend Midwestcon in Cincinnati June, Westercon. Comm, the do anything communicating and computing gadget, reviews, letters.
November 1994. Pigeon Towed article by John Berry. US travel plans in November Ditto, Loscon, Smofcon. Work plans, reviews, letters.
August 1995, US Cavalry, Tasmanian trip and Thylacon June 1995, Pat and Roger on DUFF, reviews, Fred Patten visits Sydney, letters.
Jan 1996, Thylacon Tasmania revisited, with photos of fans, Midwestcon 1994, Westercon 1994, locs.
Feb 1996, Ain99 bid, Ditto, LosCon and SmofCon 1994, book reviews, locs.
Oct 1996, first mention of web version being available. Corflu Las Vegas 1995, Lexicomp palmtop computer, book reviews, essay on education, many locs.
Dec 1996, Swancon Perth Easter 1996, book reviews, lots of locs, satiric (not satanic) verse by Leanne Frahm.
April 1997, death of my mother, family history, cleaning out estate. Postscript version
May 1997, paper version written in QuikScript Postscript. Comdex Nov 1996, lots of book reviews, new HP5MP printer and 17 inch monitor, lots of locs. Cleaning out my mother's home continues, considering leaving work after Martin leaves. Postscript version at
June 1997, Postal costs kill mail, Boskone, Potlatch, Corflu 1997, some photos of fans, book reviews. Postscript version here
Oct 1997. Enormous effort got rid of a half a percent of my books in the past year. Visited Airlie Beach in June, bought resort unit there in August. Drive DUFF winners Janice Murray and Alan Rosenthal to Melbourne for Basicon in Sept. Did a Russian invent radio? Book reviews, lots of locs. Postscript version
February 1998. Report on heart attack in December, and my treatment. Ditto trip Oct 1997, Mpls visit, book reviews, cover quotes. MS Word version (provided by Jean) geg81.doc
June 1998. Leaving University job in July. Getting rid of my collections of almost everything. Long rave on my work situation last year, and setting things up for when I left. Cardiac rehabilitation in January, angiogram, angioplast after Easter relapse. Old home improvements essay about garage. Book reviews, and short locs. Postscript version
August 1998. Continuing about Mpls and California trip, and Comdex November 1997. Short essays, including list of politicians convicted of crimes. Long rant about GST and other taxes. Book reviews. Postscript version
February 1999. Driving north with what remained of my possessions in July 1998. Bundaberg Rum song. Flap and zap laser eye surgery. First month at Airlie Beach. Party lists. Green power. Y2K bug. Earthing mains power. Book reviews, lots of locs. Postscript version
June 1999. Thylacon, Tasmania June 1998. Seattle and Las Vegas trip Nov 1998. Lots of short articles. Book reviews, lots of locs.
Sept 1999. Trip back to Sydney in February to empty my house. CMCA Motorhome rally visit in Townsville. Tully, Paranella Park, Cairns. Fan visitors prior to Aussiecon Three. Gregory Benford, Elisabeth Malatre, Joe and Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin, Craig Hilton. Short essays on computer and tech topics. Book reviews and locs.
May 2000. Jean's father. Aussiecon Three report, plus later fan visitors at Airlie Beach. Finding a motorhome in Nov 1999. Bunch of short topics. Standing for GUFF. Weekend in Sydney in January. Book reviews and locs.
July 2000. Running for GUFF. Potlatch and Corflu Feb 2000. Las Vegas and San Francisco. Book reviews.
October 2000. Motorhome trip to the Gulf country, tropical North Queensland, August. Short topics. Book reviews.
April 2001. Thanksgiving 2000 trip to visit Jean's mother. Orycon. Silicon Valley. Short topics. Problems shopping on the internet. Are books good value. Book reviews.
November 2001. Alphabetical rants, short SF book reviews, some short locs. Also as PDF geg91.pdf and as US paper size PDF geg91us.pdf
July 2002. Our 2001, Lake Eyre trip briefly. More Alphabetical rants, short SF book reviews, lots of LoCs. Also as a PDF for printing geg92.pdf
December 2002. Ray Faraday Nelson. Convergence Australian NatCon report. Our Airlie Beach Relaxacon report. Various rants. More SF book reviews. LoCs. About 100k plus 108k Joe Haldeman drawing of Jack Dann from Convergence. Also as a PDF for printing geg93.pdf
January 2003. Motorhome trip report to Darwin and various National Parks. About 100k Also as a PDF for printing geg94.pdf
July 2003. Jean's eye operation at Townsville, new car, Brisbane flight looking at investment property during the boom and seeing fans, various rants, sf book reviews, LoCs. About 100k. Also as PDF for printing geg95.pdf
August 2003. Gold coast trip by car for conference, seeing fans. various rants, sf book reviews, many LoCs. About 90k. Also as PDF for printing geg96.pdf
September 2003. Flying to Sydney on Virgin, seeing UTS again. Two rants, non-sf (mostly thriller) book reviews, many LoCs. About 90k.
December 2003. Another drive to Brisbane for a conference. Many rants, often on local politics. Book reviews, many of non-sf thrillers, some non-fiction. LoCs. About 92k.
May 2004. North island of New Zealand tour in September 2003, rants about the end of printing, advertising expenditure statistics, book reviews (sf, general fiction, computer books, general non-fiction). Lots of LoCs. 84k.
AirTour around Outback Australia, Arnhem Land and various Aboriginal art communities, in August 2003. Only in PDF at the moment.
June 2004. USA trip in February and March 2004. Helping Jean's mother move. Visit to Silicon Valley area, wine tours, various fans. Potlatch in Seattle. Visiting Florida, Haldeman, Sims, various fans. Back to Seattle. Las Vegas and Corflu.
July 2004. Not yet ready in html.