Psion Epoc 56k Travel Modem

Very portable miniature travel modem from Psion Dacom.

One of the few miniature portable battery powered travel modems still available.


75 grams. 10 x 7 x 3 cm
IrDA to Psion. RJ11 to phone socket. Special GSM connector for cable to various mobile phones.
Two AA alkaline batteries (several hours use). Standard Psion 5 series 6 volt DC plug pack.
Indicators and switches
Recessed electronic on-off swicth. Two LEDs. Power LED glows red when batteries are low. Data LED indicates data movement.
80 page manual in six languages.
Modem standards to V.90 Psion PDA is unlikely to drive it past 33 kbps.


Easy Switch
Utility to configure modem for different countries. On floppy disk that comes with the modem. You do need to configure the modem to suit your own country phone system. For example, it wouldn't work in Australia until I changed the initialisation string.


This modem will work with most PDAs and computers that have an IrDA port. I assume with computers, their IrDA must come with legacy IrCOMM support (so Win98 should be OK, NT and 2000 would not, XP maybe).

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