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USA and UK fans, why not consider planning your 2002 vacation around a set of small fannish science fiction conventions in a remote part of the world?

Just dollars a day saved from today on could cover your travel costs, with the Australian and New Zealand dollar worth around US50c or UK35p (and the NZ$ even less).

Visit the Airlie Beach Relaxacon page for more information about Airlie Beach and our plans for the relaxacon, including some scenic photos of the venue.

Progress Report 1 is now available here.

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June 2002 is SF Convention Month in Australasia

New Zealand SF NatCon

Con-with-the-Wind will be held in Wellington on the weekend of 1-3 June 2002 (a 3-day holiday weekend in NZ). GoHs Joe Haldeman and Lucy Sussex. Details at

Australian SF NatCon

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first SF convention in Australia, ConVergence 2002, the 41st Australian National Science Fiction Convention, will be held on four days, Friday 7 June through Monday 10 June 2002 (a holiday weekend in most Australian states).

Fan Guest of Honour is Race Matthews, member of the first NatCon, and founder of the Melbourne Science Fiction Group. Overseas Pro GoH is Joe Haldeman, multiple winner of the Hugo, Nebula and numerous other awards, who will be accompanied by Gay Haldeman. Local guest writers include Sean Williams and Lucy Sussex. Jack Dann is Toastmaster.

The site is the Cato Conference Centre, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, near the Victoria markets. More info on the ConVergence website,

Relaxacon by the Great Barrier Reef

Still ready for conventions? Jean and Eric are organising a relaxacon a week later (14-17 June) at the Whitsunday Terraces Resort, Airlie Beach, in tropical North Queensland. The perfect place for sailing, and gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach is the same distance from the equator as is Hawaii.

More information about Airlie Beach and our plans for the relaxacon, including some scenic photos of the venue, are here.

Also check out Eric's web pages about Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Terraces here at his Airlie site.

Why This Flyer

We got to wondering why so few fans travel to Australia and New Zealand for conventions, and especially why so few to NatCons, when many fans have said to us they would like to visit here.

Money is doubtless a big factor for many. However there are now a fair number of fans who can afford some travel, so we thought we would give you some ideas.

Not enough publicity about Australian cons, and not enough time to plan a trip? That we can take care of, by having notices at other cons.

Not enough incentive to attend just one con? That is why we are working to publicise a situation where there is a con every weekend.

Not sure about travel arrangements? Jean has been putting together a travel website and newsletter for overseas visitors wanting to see remote parts of Australia. Check

If you would like to hear more of how our plans are going, watch this website or send us your e-mail address and ask us to put you on the update list.

Want to help us out with flyers? Download this page as a text-only flyer in PDF and take a few copies to your next convention or meeting.

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