Australian Science Fiction Publishers

A list of SF publishers in Australia circa 1999.

Aphelion Publications, [obsolete address - retained for historical reasons] P O Box 619, North Adelaide, SA 5006, phone and fax +61 (0)8 267 3798. After publishing five issues of Aphelion magazine between 1985 and 1987 (and discovering newstand distribution was not the way to go), Peter and Mariann McNamara moved to doing books. Publishers of a variety of Australian SF authors, including George Turner, Terry Dowling, Sean McMullen, Damien Broderick, and more recently Sean Williams and Shayne Dix. They also did the excellent quarter million word Alien Shores anthology. [Peter McNamara is much missed by the sf community]

Chimaera Publications, publishers of Aurealis magazine. PO Box 2164, Mt Waverley Victora 3159 Australia. Fax library and credit card orders to +61 (0)3 9534 1530. Like many small Australian SF publishers, they also have a range of other Australian SF available. Back issues of Aurealis 1 to 14 are A$6, 4 issue subscriptions are A$28 posted.

Eidolon Publications, PO Box 225, North Perth WA 6006 have been doing a regular and excellent job with their SF magazine Eidolon, and with unusual books. Editors Jeremy G Byrne, Robin Pen and Jonathan Strahan have done a fine job in making more local SF available. Recent examples. Going Home Again, short stories by Howard Waldrop published to coincide with the author visiting WA as GoH at Swancon 22. The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters by Robin Pen, essays and criticism mostly of SF films. They had their colourful and informative web site at [Nothing heard from Eidolon in some considerable time. I believe some of the former editors have left Australia.]

Harper Collins have their own web site. They have been publishing Australian SF and fantasy on a regular basis in the past several years.

Pan Macmillan have their own web site.

ORB is a speculative fiction magazine to be launched by Sara Endacott at Aussiecon Three in Melbourne in September 1999. Sara will be a panelist on small press publication at Aussiecon. Sara is seeking first Australian serial rights for non-fiction and fiction stories to 10,000 words. ORB, PO Box 1621, Preston South, Victoria 3072. Subscription $8.50 per issue, publication twice a year. Website was once at for further details.

Ticonderoga Publications, PO Box 407, Nedlands WA 6009 are a new one to me, however they did republish the 1976 Custer's Last Jump by Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop in August 1996 in a limited edition at A$7.95, in conjunction with the 1997 Festival of the Imagination (which had Waldrop as a guest). They cease publication at the end of 1999.

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