Home Control

How a smart house should work.

Your home should anticipate your desires. It should make life easier, and less work, not more complex.

A smart house should wake you gently, perhaps with some favourite music, rather than with a raucous alarm.

Once you start moving, a smart house should provide a brief summary of news events of the night, and the weather prediction for the day for wherever you are scheduled to be. It should provide a reminder of scheduled events for the day, and download these to your diary, if they are not already in it.

When showering, it should be impossible to get burnt, and water temperatures, once set, should remain as set, and not wander randomly. Make the coffee. Make the breakfast. Water the plants. Vacuuming.

When you return home, the smart house should recognise you, and open the door if your hands are full (it should be able to tell from your weight on the front step). To have to use something that must be physically scanned like a mag card or smart card to enter a door is anathema, since that means you have to put down the groceries and produce the confounded card. That is no better than a conventional metal key.

If you were out late, it should have provided the outward impression that someone had been home.

If you are on the phone, the sound level of your TV or sound system should be muted.

If watching TV in daylight, then outside light should be excluded by controlling the curtains.

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