Weird Gear for Geeks

Some clothing products on the geek market are weirder than I ever imagined. These took my fancy (not that I bought them).

Docker Trousers

I'm told Docker make trousers with extra large pockets for hitech gear and phones. Around US$50, I'm told. Never seen them, and haven't checked for a web site.


This is the evolution of the fisherman or photographer's vest of many pockets to cover the PDA, gadget and cell phone market. Fifteen pockets with velcro or zip fasteners, one with a clip for keyring. The vest includes conduits through which the wires between the gadgets can be threaded, and internal access to the pockets for wires. Several pockets have separators so gear doesn't bash together as you walk. Four collar loops for earphones and the like, just the thing for secret agents. Pen, pencil and stylus pockets. They patented the idea of wires through clothing, however there is prior art in the wearable computer area. Looks pretty neat. Prices around $140. Neat looking web site also.


I guess while I'm updating these web pages, I might as well toss in a few crazy ideas, just to fill out the page a little.

Motorcycle helmet with a full intercom system, and a plug for the mobile phone and bike radio. VR goggles for PDA output. Don't work and ride.

Solar jacket, flexible solar cells on top of the shoulders, sleeves and back, charges your batteries while you are outside.

Clip on or built in epaulettes with solar cells to recharge your gadgets.

Scarf with pockets at each end for phone and PDA, and wire conduits to the middle where you have the earphone and mic pockets. Maybe add one of the roll up waterproof plastic keyboards somewhere also. When ePaper is available, add that as the display device.

Piezo electric generators in your shoes, to recharge all the batteries in these gadgets as you walk. Same thing as a shoe insert, so you can wear your regular shoes. Or as a heel extender, so you can be higher and highly charged at the same time. Same thing as a keyboard, let your fingers do the charging.

Socks or shoes with IrDA or Bluetooth from a microcomputer. Exchange your eBusiness eCard with everyone automatically.

Clip or pin on electronic name badge with LED or LCD display for conferences and meetings. Does advertising messages for your product in its spare time (or rent out space on your badge).

Produce UPC or similar bar codes on an LCD, to give out product details or your own details. Scan it with a standard bar code reader.

I hope you have enjoyed