DIY Computers

Rant on DIY computers.

DIY computers

Don't wimp out. Build your own computer instead. Here are some external sites to get you started.

Applix Manuals
I figure you really only get to know about a computer when you both build it and program it yourself. The Applix ETI/1616 is a general purpose homebrew Motorola 68000 computer designed by Andrew Morton. I built a few of them while tidying and prettying the manuals, and I still like them a lot. I'll add software to the site when I get some time.
Lakeview Research Jan Axelson
Excellent introductory book on building 8052 style controller. Good hardware notes, plus assembler examples.
Don McKenzie micros
Z80 and PIC micros, ingenious designs. Good site for Australians.
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